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Kulhad (S) – 6 Pieces

USAGE: These mugs have been shaped stylishly to give you a good grip while sipping in
coffee, tea, hot cocoa, soup after a long tiring day. Drinking hot tea in plastic cups can cause
diseases as deadly as cancer and to help curb this problem.
Care instructions : Wash with normal detergent by hand.

It is a very old traditional Pottery technique. A Normal red Clay pot is Kilned once. Deep Burned Pots are kilned two times, Second time, potters Burn the pots stacked together with wood and Hay at a temperature Nearly 1200*C.This will Make the pots very strong and Durable.During the process Pots turn Black in color. Deep Burned Pots Can Withstand High temperature when used on Gas stove.


Clay pots give you all the Phosphorus,Iron,Magnesium and several other Minerals.Clay being alkaline in nature helps in neutralizing the Ph balance of the food by interacting with the acid present in the food. Clay being porous, allows heat and moisture to circulate evenly making food juicer, Food cooks Perfect without overheating & Burning. It is a handmade product, Size and shape may slightly vary. More sand is added in clay for Extra Strength,Durability and Long lasting,Rough finish. This product is seasoned using Ayurvedic leaves. Black pottery Pots attain Black color naturally during DEEP BURNING process due to temperature change in the kiln.


We assure you there are no chemicals used in any step of making this product.It is made using Naturally excavated Clay. We use edible corn starch for seasoning the pot. Red pots may turn Black & Black pots may turn Red from bottom while cooing due to temperature change


Check Images Read all specifications to make sure it fits your purpose and Place the Order.

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