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Democratic India is considered significant for its Culture, Heritage, Languages and Incredible architecture amongst the Asian countries.

The state of Tamil Nadu is located in the southern part of India. The Tamil culture, Heritage, Arts, Music, Dance, Irrigation and Agriculture is highly incorporated and famous in the southern district of Thanjavur.

Thanjavur was the capital of Chola kings for 250 years followed by Nayakars and Marathas. The Thanjavur Big temple (Brahadeeswara Temple) was built in the 11 th century by the great king Raja Raja Chola. This temple is world famous for depicting the Tamil culture. This was announced by the UNESCO in 1987 as World’s Cultural Heritage site.

Musical instruments like violin, tambura, mridhangam and kanjira which gives a soothing sense are manufactured in thanjavur.

Thanjavur is surrounded by agricultural fields, coconut and banana farms

Cauvery is considered one of the holiest rivers of the Indian ocean.This river water is used by the farmers of Thanjavur for cultivating turmeric, coconut, pulses, sugarcane and irrigating kharif, rabi and zaid.


Thanjavur is called the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu.It is also known for Handlooms, Silk Weaving, Bronze statues and Vessels Manufacturing

Thanjavur clay is of a great quality. The Kallanai Dam was built by thanjavur clay arround 2000 years ago by the King Karikala Chola measuring 1800m length, 66m breadth, 18m height. This Dam is providing water to the combined districts of Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam, Pudukottai, Ariyalur, Mayiladuthurai and Karaikal of Pondicherry state for the well being and betterness of Farmers.

The water coming out from the grand Anaicut for irrigation goes to nearly 11,000 hectares of land for agriculture. When farmers irrigate their lands for sowing and planting, clay particles mixed with water settle in Cauvery river basins. Our clay handicrafts are made using this sedimentary soil. So the strength and quality will be higher in rate.

 This clay is spread over 1000 acres of agricultural lands through canals, channels and is being deposited as Alluvial soil. The products being manufactured with this clay can withstand for thousands of years. The Thanjavur Thalaiyatti toys made from this clay has received the Geographical Indication tag which is the significant part.

There is no other clay of such a quality as Thanjavur clay. The statues, toys and arts made in Sangam age with Thanjavur clay is known for Cultural Heritage.

NOTE: By buying the product of our THANJAVUR CLAY HANDCRAFTS, you are encouraging the diminishing talent of handmade artisans and portraying our cultural heritage to the future generations

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